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Ireland’s Largest Single Literary Event

Mar 27, 2011 | Comments Off on Ireland’s Largest Single Literary Event

So said Margaret Hayes, Dublin City Librarian at the opening of the DublinSwell event in the city’s gleaming, green-lit, Convention Centre last week. This, she said, was Ireland’s largest literary event ever. It was a celebration of Dublin’s listing as a UNESCO City of Literature – one of only four cities in the world to receive this…

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Be a Dublin (Literary) Ambassador

Mar 12, 2011 |

I like this idea from City of a Thousand Welcomes. A simple notion asking volunteers to meet up wtih a visitor to Dublin and share their enthusiasm for the city.

You fill in a simple form and nominate one thing every visitor to Dublin should see. For me it is the National Library of Ireland, packed with archives and exhibitions and literary ghosts. And a great place to stand quietly on the building steps and watch the comings and goings at our Dail next door.

Only problem for me is that I probably don’t qualify as a Dubliner!

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Dublin Doubles – A Book Club Take on Neil Jordan’s Mistaken

Feb 10, 2011 | Comments Off on Dublin Doubles – A Book Club Take on Neil Jordan’s Mistaken

Neil Jordan’s new novel Mistaken is about two Dubliners, Kevin and Gerard, who spend their lives being mistaken for one another.  A mix of thriller and gothic genres, it is Neil Jordan’s first novel in six years. You can see Neil Jordan talk about his work on TV3 here. All the Kyleglass Book Worms agree that the book…

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