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Fret Over The Sentence

Jan 25, 2011 | Comments Off on Fret Over The Sentence / Life & Arts – The art of good writing. I fret about writing a sentence: whether to make it concise, minimalist and pared-down or, exuberant and rhythmic to match the tone. Are the rules that dictate brevity and concreteness enduring? My new year resolution was to craft the best sentences I could. Adam…

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Right Sentence: A New Year Resolution

Dec 30, 2010 |

Only a day to go  and I will start over. Another year. Another set of writing resolutions: nonfiction manuscript to finish; dig through more research; get back to writing morning pages. But an image has dogged me. A child in ringlets scraping a nib across a school copybook in a first attempt at joined up writing. Every letter,…

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